Update on Colorectal Cancer Imaging

Marc J. Gollub


Worldwide, colorectal cancer (CRC) is the thirdmost frequently occurring cancer in both sexes,but it ranks second in developed countries [1]. Inthe United States, cancer is the second most commoncause of death after heart disease and causesone in four deaths. The American Cancer Society(ACS) estimates 1,399,790 new cases of cancer in2006. About 148,610 of these will be of colon or rectum.An estimated 55,170 deaths caused by CRC areexpected in 2006. Because of screening and premalignantpolyp removal, CRC incidence rates havebeen decreasing since 1985. Because of improvementsin survival, mortality rates have also beendecreasing an average of 1.8% per year. If CRC is diagnosedat an early stage, the prognosis is favorablewith 5-year survival rates exceeding 90%.

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Published by: International Society for Translational Sciences(ISTS)

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